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Customised Training Sessions

The majority of Tkm's training can be customised for your business maximising value for moneyProfessional development

Tkm's services cover many aspects of professional and business development within your organisation, from helping with restructuring or reorganisation to job descriptions and staff development programmes.


Data Protection Training Services

Tkm has nearly 20 years experience helping organisations comply with data protection legislation and is now helping organisations prepare for General Data Protection Regulations compliance. Services include fully customised training for staff at all levels and within each business function.

Hospitalty, Catering and Food Businesses

Within the hospitality and food industries Tkm can help with staff development programmes, provide advice on legally required training, and support small business owners. We also develop fully customised training based on your business requirements to maximise the effectiveness of the training and facilitate practical implementation. At Tkm we specialise in a number of business areas and fully understand how training needs to be integrated into every day tasks and activities. Our training complements by consultancy services where we have experience of managing a wide range of projects.

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Public Sector Services

Tkm also works with the public sector in a number of areas and examples of fully customised staff training programmes developed for clients include:

  • Records and information management

  • Information-related legislation including freedom of information, data protection, environmental information and public records

  • Information security

  • Policy development and implementation

  • Practical risk assessment

  • Compliance with equalities legislation.

records and information management,Many of these training programmes have complemented policy or procedural development to facilitate legal compliance, and further examples about work undertaken are on the consultancy page.

Tkm Consulting Liz Taylor
t 01599 511277 or 07833 617462 e